European Police Committee

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About European Police Committee

The European Police Committee is an NGO established for an indefinite period of time in order to achieve the goals of international cooperation, international and economic cooperation, coordination, cooperation with state and private entities and exchange of experiences in the field of security. Organizing training seminars on signing the agreement The EPC operates in the territories of the former Yugoslavia, namely Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and all European Union countries, as well as countries that are members of NATO.

Cooperation with other countries

We operate in more than 20 countries across Europe and countries that are members of NATO.


Countries with EPC

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Trusted by Thousand of People

“I am in EPC for more than 5 years, still learning a lot from them.”

Eddie Johnson

“The best people and colleagues here, didn’t regret it when I joined them”

Mario Vimic

“A lot of new things to learn here with a lot of people and traveling.”

Monika Chamberlain

“I didn’t even need training. I can’t say enough about EPC. I am really satisfied with team and management”

Mike Edward