About Us

The European Police Committee is an NGO established for an indefinite period of time in order to achieve the goals of international cooperation, international and economic cooperation, coordination, cooperation with state and private entities and exchange of experiences in the field of security. Organizing training seminars on signing the agreement The EPC operates in the territories of the former Yugoslavia, namely Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and all European Union countries, as well as countries that are members of NATO.

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Exchange of professional experiences in the improvement of the security system.
Organizing seminars, courses, participation in forms, educational character.
Creating citizens’ trust in the security system and the work of security structures
Initiation of humanitarian activities to help vulnerable citizens and the provision of rescue services to the rescue service, the mountain service, and the provision of security structures.
Organizes volunteer actions related to security.
Affirmative and positive activities that raise the reputation and trust of citizens in the police, ie. Police Directorate
Through its programs, actions and other activities, EPC provides citizens with the opportunity and support to participate in improving the quality of life of their community, participatory, in solidarity and responsibly by building social justice,
an economically adaptable and vital and humane healthy society that respects, nurtures and inherits cultural diversity.


In order to achieve the targeted EPC, activities are especially focused on this
-On various information of interest to all citizens in the fight against terrorism, extremism, organized crime in the country and abroad.

Cooperation with the Police, Army, Customs and other security structures as well as with organizations of the EU, NATO, Europol and Interpol
-Fight against organized crime and corruption
-Fight against trafficking in human beings and narcotics
– Suppression of high-tech crime
-Development of strategic and action plans

Development of strategic economically viable plans
-Cooperates with international organizations in the fight against crime
-Collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of security
-Organizes independently or in community with other organizations, state bodies and international bodies professional meetings,
counseling seminars and other forms of education
-Cooperation with universities and institutions in the country and abroad
-Applies to competitions in competitions with international financial institutions and funds.
– Organizes sports and cultural and other gatherings